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Leadership & Administration


Chairman: Gary D. LeClair
Executive Assistant: Sandy Howard

Chief Executive Officer: David C. Freinberg
Legal Assistant: Patricia Gaglioti

President & Chief Operating Officer: Micheal L. Hern 
Director of Executive Administration: Elizabeth Bugg Hern 

Chief Department Executive : Barry R. Kozak 
Executive Coordinator: Amy Adams 

Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer: Joseph D. Cheely
Executive Coordinator: Amy Adams

Chief Growth Officer: Marie Lefton, Esq. 
Lateral Growth Manager: Lara Pasternack Small

Chief Information Officer: Howard L. Phillips
Executive Coordinator: Amy Adams

Chief Legal Officer: Bruce H. Matson
Legal Assistant: Kim Lord

Assistant General Counsel: E.G. Allen III
Legal Assistant: Deborah Tuminello

Corporate Secretary & Assistant General Counsel: Christopher J. Lange
Legal Assistant: Martha Diuguid 


Accounting Applications Manager: Frank Puleo
Accounts Payable Manager: Curtisa Smith
Accounts Receivable & Trust Manager: Christine Purgason
Client Accounting Manager: Annmarie Farthing

Client Intake:
Director of Conflicts Resolution & Client Intake:
Lisa S. Womack
Conflicts Resolution Manager: Donna Moore
Client Intake Manager: Diane Laing

Gerard J. White
Controller: Joshua A. Tobin, CPA
Accounting Manager: Marquita Carden

Human Resources:
Sr. Director, Human Resources & Administrative Operations
: Jennifer Mistal
Senior Manager, Human Resources: Michele D. Smith
Director of Benefits: Jaime Stack
Recruiting Manager: Cally Melton
Payroll Manager: Stacey Hamilton
Onboarding & Integration Manager: Rebecca Wright
Paralegal Manager: April A. LeGros

Information Technology:
Application Development Manager: Michael Toscano
End User Services, Manager: Trevor Goodrum

Marketing and Communications:
Darron E. Franta
Event & Relationship Manager: Janie D. Osterhaus
Marketing Communications Manager: Christina P. Llames

Director, Facilities Management:
James Clarke, Jr.
Regional Office Manager: Peter Mederos
West Coast Regional Manager: Kathryn Nguyen