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ADA Musings: Coalescing ADA Insights for Business Owners

Although the purpose of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is to ensure that businesses satisfy the requirements of federal anti-discrimination law by providing public accommodations and reasonable employee accommodations for individuals with disabilities, the process and nature of resulting lawsuits can still feel like a shakedown.

Brian Muse, a partner in LeClairRyan's Williamsburg, VA office, offers business owners insightful suggestions about how to comply with the ADA’s public and employee accommodation requirements as well as how to handle claims or threats of litigation when they occur.

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Break the Scales: Changing the Delivery of Legal Services

Tom Regan, a shareholder in LeClairRyan's Newark, NJ, office, explores the granular nuts and bolts of legal project management, alternative fee arrangements, and the delivery of legal services outside of the standard six-minute billing time increments. A product liability lawyer by training, Tom shares his experience as national coordinating counsel responsible for managing large dockets of cases filed in multiple jurisdictions and opines where the legal industry is, where it is heading, and how it needs to adapt to changing times.

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CyberSquire: Deciphering Data Privacy and Cyber Security Law Amid an Evolving Landscape

Cyber security attacks on businesses of all types and sizes are growing at an alarming rate. Attacks are aimed at stealing, damaging or destroying electronic data; disrupting daily business operations; or even conducting cyber espionage. Those committing these attacks include nation-states, rival businesses and rogue hackers with an arsenal of cyber weaponry at their disposal. Just as alarming, personal, sensitive and proprietary data are lost or stolen from businesses every day as the result of poor employee training, lax business protocols or criminal acts. Whatever the source, the financial and reputational costs associated with cyber attacks can be crippling, as they expose businesses to criminal and civil liability and undermine the company brand.

Joe Abrenio, leader of LeClairRyan’s Data Privacy and Security team, examines the ramifications of cyber attacks and the trends and regulations designed to mitigate attacks. Joe helps readers understand the protocols mandated by state and federal law for when a breech occurs and outlines how to protect a company from hackers and the financial penalties for not complying within the legal framework.

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D.C. Anti-SLAPP Law: Free Speech Protections Against Frivolous Lawsuits

The District of Columbia is among the more than 25 states and jurisdictions that have enacted an anti-SLAPP statute -- SLAPP stands for "strategic lawsuit against public participation." Like other jurisdictions, the D.C. anti-SLAPP statute provides defendants with a procedural vehicle for disposing of litigation aimed at stifling or chilling speech at an early stage.

Les Machado, co-leader of LeClairRyan's Media, Internet and E-Commerce Industry team, provides readers with a general understanding of the D.C. anti-SLAPP law and the evolving case law interpreting this statute. Written with a journalistic flair, Les’ blog offers invaluable insights to anti-SLAPP cases making headlines nationwide.

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EMERGE: The New and Growing Business Blog

Entrepreneurs face a myriad of questions and challenges when starting their business.  From the legal start-up requirements to strategic decisions affecting operations and management, the road to success can be daunting. LeClairRyan's Joel Nied provides readers with practical advice for new and emerging companies dealing with the day-to-day issues of growing their business.  Combining his in-house corporate transactions experience with public sector awareness, Joel strives to provide budding entrepreneurs with strategic, growth-oriented insight.

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Environmental Law Insights - Unique Environmental Insights and How They Affect Your Business

Today's rapidly changing environmental regulatory landscape presents a challenge for businesses across industries. Federal and state regulatory entities are announcing new initiatives at record numbers and landmark court decisions pertaining to environmental law are of newsworthy importance to businesses affected by their implications.

Companies need reliable resources to help them stay on top of environmental and natural resource law developments, and Tom Echikson, a partner in LeClairRyan's Washington, D.C. office, does just that. He provides readers with an easy-to-read explanation of regulatory initiatives and court decisions affecting businesses and regulatory agencies, detailing legal implications, compliance requirements and penalties for noncompliance.

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EPLI Risk - Issues and Trends Impacting EPLI and D&O Liability Insurance Carriers

Few blogs focus on the needs of insurance carriers providing EPLI and D&O liability insurance to employers. To fill the void, those who work for insurance companies providing this insurance, and those who oversee the management of employment claims and lawsuits brought against their insureds, are invited to participate in LeClairRyan’s newest blog.  For insight into employment coverage and underwriting issues, substantive legal areas, and managing the tripartite relationship between insurance company-insured-outside counsel, we invite you to join us.

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Virginia Community Association Law Blog: Virginia's Premier Legal Blog for Condominium and Homeowner's Associations

The legal challenges associated with forming, registering, operating and managing effective community associations are manifold, touching upon many aspects of state and federal law.

Members of LeClairRyan's Community Association Industry team help readers navigate this complex territory by sharing their insights on the myriad of issues affecting homeowner and condominium associations of all sizes and levels of sophistication.

While some postings address issues related to Virginia community association law, the authors also skillfully explain how various federal laws and regulations apply to community association development and operations.

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Wireless Site Development Law: Get On-Air Fast the First Time

From A to Z – acquisition to zoning – and everything in between, LeClairRyan's Lisa Murphy gives readers the inside scoop on the always complex and often daunting wireless site development process.

Wireless carriers, tower companies, turnkey vendors and site acquisition and zoning consultants across the nation will benefit from Lisa's industry insights, presented in a straight-forward and easy-to-read format.

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