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LeClairRyan’s Commitment to Excellence

LeClairRyan embraces diversity as a core value because the Firm recognizes the contribution a diverse workplace makes to the Firm, its clients, the legal profession and to society as a whole. A diverse work place includes and provides equal opportunity to persons with different characteristics, including race, religion, ethnicity, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, disability and age.

LeClairRyan not only affirms its commitment to comply fully with all applicable laws prohibiting unlawful employment discrimination, it also embraces diversity as a core value because its personnel are united in their commitment to excellence in client service, including the delivery of practical and innovative solutions to their clients’ legal needs. LeClairRyan recognizes that (i) it must recruit, hire, retain, develop, promote and reward lawyers, paralegals, assistants, administrators, clerks and other staff who embrace our corporate culture and are the best suited for the Firm’s needs, (ii) all of its personnel must operate and function as a team that embraces, trusts and respects one another and (iii) the team must embrace and possess a wide array of ideas, backgrounds and experiences.

LeClairRyan is a supporting member of the Diversity and Flexibility Alliance, a think tank organization dedicated to empowering law firms and corporations to successfully promote flexible schedules, inclusive work cultures, and the advancement of women leaders.