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Leadership & Administration


Chief Executive Officer: C. Erik Gustafson
Executive Coordinator: Amy Adams

President/Vice Chair: Micheal L. Hern 
Director of Executive Administration: Elizabeth Bugg Hern 

Acting Chief Financial Officer: Dwight Jones

Chief Human Resources Officer: Jennifer Mistal
Human Resources Specialist: Judy Thomas

Chief Legal Officer: Bruce H. Matson
Legal Assistant: Kim Lord

Assistant General Counsel: E.G. Allen III

Corporate Secretary & Assistant General Counsel:
Dwight F. Hopewell
Legal Assistant: Suzanne Kearns


Accounting & Finance:
Director, Pricing and Client Billing & Collections: Annmarie Farthing
Accounting Applications Manager: Frank Puleo
Accounts Payable Manager: Curtisa Smith
Financial Planning and Analysis Manager: Brian Haynes

Client Intake:
Director of Conflicts Resolution & Client Intake:
Lisa S. Womack
Conflicts Resolution Manager: Donna Moore
Client Intake Manager: Diane Laing

Human Resources & Administrative Operations:
Director, HR & Administrative Services:
Michele D. Smith
Director, Benefits: Jaime Stack
Recruiting Manager: Cally Melton
Payroll and Leave Administration Manager: Stacey Hamilton

Information Technology:
Director of Information Technology:
David Melczer
End User Services, Manager: Trevor Goodrum

Marketing and Communications: 
Event & Relationship Manager: Janie D. Osterhaus
Marketing Communications Manager: Christina P. Llames