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Our Mission: Excellence

We will deliver excellent business and legal counsel every day.

The LeClairRyan Way is about our Firm's commitment to excellence in client service, and of how we deliver upon that commitment.  We provide excellent, responsive and timely legal services to our clients for fair and reasonable compensation.  We commit to excel in our individual areas of expertise and to provide our clients the full benefit of our knowledge, enthusiasm, ability, effort, and integrity.  The LeClairRyan Way is a statement of the Firm's aspirational goals and is not intended to be an express or implied warranty of service or a guaranty of performance.

The LeClairRyan Way - Excellence in Client Service

1. We Provide Practical Solutions: We are value-added strategic partners who know our clients, understand their businesses and their objectives, and adjust as required (e.g., risk manager or risk eliminator). We recommend and execute practical approaches with sound judgment. We provide our clients with solutions (not just issue spotting and identifying problems).

2. We Go for the "WOW!" Reaction: We emphatically reject the "it's good enough" standard. We want our clients' reaction to be: (1) Wow, my lawyer is an expert in this area of law!; (2) Wow, my lawyer is really on top of my matter!; (3) Wow, my lawyer is really a great person with whom to work!

3. We Have a Sense of Urgency: We exude "can do" positive energy all the time. We beat deadlines with great typo-free work product. We are always available and immediately responsive.

4. We Earn Our Client's Trust: We generate a high degree of confidence. We commit to and regularly monitor our performance with sensitive antenna for client satisfaction. We show appreciation, interest, appropriate deference and professional manners. We build a reservoir of goodwill so we can overcome the inevitable blips. We allow the client to talk and make the decisions. We offer our opinion when it is asked for, helpful or required.

5. We Over-Communicate: We understand that the primary responsibility for good communication lies with the listener, so we listen first. We confirm, agree to staffing and commitment (with "fairway" promises) and initiate frequent status updates, reconfirmations, recommitments and feedback (absence of feedback is seldom a good thing). We are succinct, and we use the personal communication priority approach (i.e., in person, oral real time, voice mail, email, letter).

6. We Deliver Results: Clients prefer results over effort every time, so we assign the work to the most capable lawyer/team, prioritize, organize and adjust so that we efficiently meet our commitments and achieve the desired results.

7. We Make a Great First and Last Impression: The first 5% sets the tone, so it must be the very best. The last 5% leaves the final impression, so it must be as good as or better than the first 95%.

8. We Place a High Priority on Work for "Internal Clients": We view requests from our LeClairRyan colleagues as "client" requests, so we apply the LeClairRyan Way to the assistance we provide to our colleagues. We take ownership of matters referred to us for handling internally. We solve the problems, find the answer, close the deal, or win the case.

9. We Are Ethical: We observe the highest level of professional ethics.

10. We Are Humble: We assume the other side is smarter and better, so we have to work harder and smarter. We give away the credit for successes to the client and deserving others. We never bad mouth anyone (especially opposing counsel) and never miss an opportunity to provide a genuine compliment. We believe in a culture of learning and not a culture of blame and don't take or give criticism personally, but rather embrace it and use it constructively.