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Mentor Program

LeClairRyan has developed and implemented a comprehensive and innovative Mentoring Program that is unique among peer law firms. The program recognizes that formal mentoring is an essential component of the Firm’s overall effort to provide the training, support and guidance needed to ensure that Firm attorneys realize their potential and succeed in the practice of law. LeClairRyan’s Mentoring Program exhibits the Firm’s strong commitment to attorney development and to creating an environment that fosters maximum professional growth.

The Mentoring Program assigns mid-level and senior partner mentors to every associate and junior partner. Recognizing that all lawyers benefit from the guidance and assistance of a more experienced lawyer, the mentoring relationship is expected to continue throughout the attorney’s career at LeClairRyan. The Mentoring Program recognizes that mentees may change mentors throughout their careers as professional relationships develop and the mentees’ needs change over time. Outside consultants are used to periodically train the Firm’s lawyers in how to be effective mentors and mentees. Since almost every attorney in the firm is either a mentor or mentee, or both, these training sessions are attended by all LeClairRyan attorneys.

The goals of the LeClairRyan Mentoring Program are ambitious and important to the long-range success of the Firm:

  • To foster the development of relationships between mentors and mentees, which will enhance the growth, happiness and professional development of talented lawyers.
  • To establish a mechanism for promoting informal networks of personal and professional support for lawyers in identifying and pursuing their professional goals within the context of the Firm’s unique culture.
  • To provide a personal and professionally secure setting for lawyers within which to safely explore such topics as the specific practices, history, unwritten expectations, personalities and career paths that characterize the Firm.
  • To provide a positive setting within which the Firm may pass on its collective wisdom to its lawyers.
  • To improve Firm productivity and retention by providing a structure within which every lawyer may explore and develop strategies for integrating his or her personal and professional goals with the Firm’s goals.
  • To allow the mentor to enhance his or her leadership skills and contribute to Firm culture and administration.
  • To implement the Firm’s diversity initiative.
  • To establish and grow a dynamic and effective mentoring program that will serve the legal profession as an example of the very best practice in the area of mentoring.