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Employment Counseling, Training & Audits

LeClairRyan’s Employment Counseling, Training, and Audit attorneys take a proactive approach by assisting employers in the recognition of and compliance with the many legal obligations applicable to their day-to-day business operations. This practice’s objective is “preventive maintenance,” that is, to reduce the risk of litigation; lower potential liability exposure; and avoid the disruption, expense, and uncertainty inherent in employment litigation. Within this framework, we work with employers to develop and implement prudent and effective human resource policies and practices, and assist them in drafting and enforcing executive and other employment contracts, confidentiality agreements, and covenants restricting employees’ post-employment conduct.

We create and present customized training programs for clients on topics such as these:

  • Sexual harassment 
  • Interviewing and hiring 
  • Discipline and discharge 
  • FMLA/ADA compliance, and a myriad of other employment-related topics

Our attorneys have significant experience developing and implementing national arbitration programs that require employees to submit employment disputes to binding arbitration instead of litigation. We regularly assist employers covered by Executive Order 11246 with preparation and maintenance of affirmative action plans, as well as respond to audits of their compliance efforts. On a day-to-day basis, our attorneys provide timely and practical legal advice to clients to assist them in managing employment-related issues in the workplace.

Recognizing the value of identifying problems in advance, we offer employers opportunities for a comprehensive employment law audit covering applicable state and federal employment laws relating to the following types of representative matters:

  • Employment discrimination 
  • Minimum wage and overtime compensation 
  • Child labor 
  • Entitlement to leave for family, medical, military, jury duty, or other purposes 
  • Certain entitlements to information and to privacy

Our audits include examination of relevant policies and procedures, documents, and interviews of key personnel, leading to a comprehensive written report with recommendations for best practices.


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