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The Trump Experience: How U.S. Law Will Change

Event Date: 04/11/2017


View this 90-minute webinar here.


Change is a given with every new presidential election. Under the Trump Administration, many questions have been raised that impact local and global organizations. Join LeClairRyan for an in-depth discussion on key regulatory issues, including: immigration and visa changes, employment and labor law changes, tax overhaul issues and dramatic reductions in the EPA’s ongoing mission.

On the Agenda

Insider’s Perspective
David Warrington

  • An overview from the government relations and congressional side on future legislation and the issues we will discuss in today’s program

Immigration & H1B Changes
Lauren Hopwood

  • Impact on Technology Companies
  • I-9 Audits

Employment Changes
Betsy Davis, Carmon Harvey and Robert Pettigrew

  • NLRB “Rollback”
  • National Origin & Religion Discrimination Claims
  • State “Separation” from Federal Law
  • Independent Contractor “Issues”


The Affordable Care Act Becomes “Trump Care”?
James Anelli and Patrick Hurd

Tax Considerations
Elizabeth Atkinson

  • Tariffs on Foreign Products
  • Tax Cuts: Individual and Corporate


Environmental Changes and the EPA

Karol Corbin Walker

  • Agency Grid-Lock and Funding Issues
  • State Changes
  • Climate Change Accords
  • Change of Regulatory Framework