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The Aviation Symposium Webinar Series: Corporate Aviation Accidents

Event Date: 07/17/2018

Whether your corporation owns, operates or leases aircrafts, an aircraft accident is a nightmare for any company. Compounded by the fact that the passengers are frequently, if not almost always, employees, including senior management, the loss of a corporate aircraft has profound impacts that go well beyond the event itself.

During this webinar, members of the LeClairRyan Aviation team will discuss:

• Emergency planning
• Tabletop drills and training exercises
• Human resource issues – if the worst happens
• The accident investigation process
• Protecting the company whether you own, lease or chart their aircraft
• What your broker/insurer can do to help you
• Dealing with the media and protecting the brand
• And a host of other subjects

Who should attend?
• Senior management
• Risk managers
• Human resource personnel
• Aviation department members, including pilots, mechanics, etc.
• Public affairs personnel
• Financial management personnel
• Insurance brokers
• And anyone in the company whose responsibilities touch aviation

If you have any questions or concerns, please email .

View a recording of the webinar here.

Access a PDF of the presentation here.

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