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Blockchainge DC 2019

Event Date: 01/14/2019

In 2019, government and industry will have unprecedented focus on blockchain-based technologies and cryptocurrencies.

At Blockchainge DC, you will have the opportunity to participate in discussions with blockchain experts, industry leaders, government regulators, lawyers, and other professionals, including LeClairRyan attorney Carol Van Cleef. Gain a better perspective on forces driving the rapidly increasing adoption of blockchain solutions and uses of cryptocurrencies and learn what can and is being done to address the challenges facing both. Move forward with a deep understanding and practical insights to help you determine and navigate your organization's future.

In the four tracks offered, attendees can gain exposure to live use cases of the technology – from financial services, government, healthcare, supply chain management and much more. The second track focuses on infrastructure issues and covers topics that you have probably heard or read about and have no idea what they mean – like private versus public blockchains, scaleability, consensus mechanisms, and interoperability. 

The third track tackles challenges facing wide-scale adoption including a number of the legal issues – from tokenzations (ICOs,STO) to compliance (AML/KYC, Sanctions and Privacy and Cybersecurity – to be discussed with LeClairRyan attorney Peter Day) to litigation and IP (featuring LeClairRyan attorney Laurin Mills discussing the counsel of clients in areas where the legal lines are gray).

The final track looks at issues that will be important in 2019 – the future of money – central banks issuing their own cryptos, stablecoins and nonfungible assets.

Other speakers include two Congressmen, representatives of a number of government agencies (e.g. DOD, HHS, Fed, CFTC, and more) and a cross section of household names like IBM and several blockchains. More information and registration is available here.