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Webinar: Government Contracts, False Claims, and the Aviation Industry

Event Date: 06/20/2019

An essential aspect of the aviation industry is doing business with the United States Government.

Whether you’re an airline, a charter or cargo operator, an MRO, a ground handler or a manufacturer, the considerations associated with having the federal government as a client is a world apart from operating in the commercial space.

During this webinar, aviation and government contract attorneys from LeClairRyan will discuss not only the basics, but recent developments in dealing with the United States Government as your customer.

This will include:

  • Basic considerations in government contracting
  • FARs ... No, Not the Federal Aviation Regulations the Federal Acquisition Regulations
  • Quality control programs, procedures and pitfalls
  • DOD, CRAF, CARB, DOJ and other programs and agencies
  • Whistleblowers and disgruntled employees
  • The False Claims Act

and more.

If you’re doing business with the government, or want to do business with them, this 90-minute complimentary webinar will be of interest to you.

In addition, if you have specific questions on this topic you would like us to address in this webinar, please submit them in advance to .

Access the slide deck for the webinar here.

A recording of the webinar is available here.