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Pipelines and the SAFETY Act: Limiting Your Liability

LeClairRyan and the Energy Drone Coalition are pleased to present this webinar, which will explain how pipeline companies can leverage their existing processes to obtain DHS certification that limits liability in the event of a terrorist attack. As pipeline operators are aware, the terrorist risk they face is broader and more multifarious than the risks faced by other industries.

The government’s recognition of this risk is evident from the TSA’s creation of Pipeline Security Guidelines. What you might not know is the procedures you already have in place to minimize the risk of intentional damage to critical infrastructure can also save your company from ruinous monetary judgments through the protections afforded by the SAFETY Act.

The little-known SAFETY Act is an invaluable tool for protecting every entity that is responsible for protecting the public. Depending on the level of SAFETY Act coverage, a company can be immune from suit, set a cap on damages, and be guaranteed the ability to get out of an unfriendly state court.

Our October 16 webinar will explain in detail what the SAFETY Act is and how it can help your company, including:

• The benefits of the SAFETY Act
• A step by step look at the SAFETY Act certification process
• What DHS looks for in applications
• Common mistakes in seeking certification and how to avoid them
• The different levels of SAFETY Act protection

As always, the audience will have an opportunity to ask questions and shape the discussion.

If you have questions, please contact Morgan Campbell at .