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Family and Domestic Law

The family and domestic law practice at LeClairRyan represents individuals through the entire process of blending or separating lives in family and domestic matters. From prenuptial planning and guidance through the dissolution of a marriage, we work hard to represent our clients’ interests, and we strive to bring a calming influence during these tumultuous and life-changing events.

We understand that the end of a marriage can be stressful, painful and confusing, and we know that parental, financial or personal interests may be in jeopardy. As such, we put a great deal of thought and energy into finding creative ways to bring order out of this chaos.

To ensure the best possible outcome for you and your family, we are committed to resolving issues as quickly, discreetly and constructively as possible while never losing sight of your interests. Our attorneys are trained in Collaborative Practice which empowers clients to resolve the issues surrounding divorce outside of court and in an environment that reduces conflict. In Collaborative Practice, our attorneys work with financial professionals and mental health professionals when needed, to educate, support and guide our clients in reaching a respectful and lasting agreement efficiently and effectively.

While collaboration and mediation are often the best answer, when court proceedings are necessary to protect our clients’ interests, our seasoned litigators will be your advocate.

Our services include:

  • Adoption
  • Divorce - Litigation, Mediation and Collaborative Practice
  • Prenuptial Agreement Preparation
  • Separation Agreement Preparation
  • Support, Custody and Visitation

For more information on Collaborative Practice, visit:


  • 540.510.3011