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Intellectual Property Litigation

Our firm has a large team of experienced and creative intellectual property litigators across our offices. These attorneys have litigated in every major domestic patent litigation venue, the Federal Circuit, the International Trade Commission, the Patent and Trademark Office, the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, ICANN, international courts, and in national and international arbitrations.

Our intellectual property litigators have worked on a variety of cases, including those involving pharmaceuticals, medical devices, X-ray films, biotechnology products, chemical compounds, recombinant DNA products, electrical products, industrial event monitoring systems, target systems, cable television satellite signals, computer systems and information technology contracts. In addition, members of our group have litigated cases involving other technology issues, including business operations software, computers systems, information technology contracts and the Internet.

In patent litigation, for example, our preferred approach is to match experienced intellectual property trial lawyers with knowledgeable patent attorneys and specialists, many of whom hold doctorate or master’s degrees in their fields. We have a deep bench of attorneys who have tried a large number of patent and technology cases to verdict, and have experience both in pursuing infringement claims on behalf of patentees and defending against infringement allegations.

Our litigators are committed to client service, staffing cases leanly and understanding our clients’ businesses and priorities. We welcome the opportunity to work under alternative fee arrangements to help maximize the value of our clients’ intellectual property.

The firm’s litigation focus is national and international in scope, and our attorneys regularly appear in every leading patent litigation venue in the nation. The Eastern District of Virginia (E.D. Va.), however, is one of the most important patent litigation venues because it traditionally boasts the fastest time to trial of any court in the country, a factor that is closely correlated with success for patent plaintiffs. LeClairRyan has an office in the same city as every E.D. Va. division (Alexandria, Norfolk and Richmond). Because patent cases in the Eastern District are randomly assigned, the ability to be strong in every E.D. Va. division is a crucial success factor in patent litigation.


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