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Legal Analysis and Writing Service (LAWS)

Lawyers are professional writers. We write every day. As civil litigators, we spend most of our time writing, which is the only tangible thing we pro-duce. And, most importantly, we get paid to write.

Good writing, the essence of our craft, is good lawyering. This has never been truer than it is today. Most cases never go to trial—they’re either set-tled or resolved through motions practice. With the courts deciding so many cases on the papers, the quality of our legal writing is paramount.

LeClairRyan’s Legal Analysis and Writing Service (LAWS) provides first-class legal research and writing services. We bring publication-quality writing to every lawyer.


LAWS offers solo and small-firm lawyers and corporate counsel all types of litigation documents—from signature-ready trial motions, memoranda, and pleadings, to discovery and research memos. We offer best-in-class legal research and writing, typically available only from the largest firms. You get BigLaw services, at an affordable, fixed price, on an as needed, contract basis.

Our services include:

  • Trial briefs
  • Appellate briefs
  • Pleadings and motions
  • Discovery requests and motions to compel
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Legal research memos
  • Judicial and expert witness profiles 
  • Jury verdict and settlement research

We are experienced litigation partners, former federal law clerks, trained journalists and writers, and former professional editors. We collaborate with you on legal analysis and strategy, on identifying key issues and arguments. Working together, we help you publish the best writing in the law.


Researching and writing motions and briefs takes a lot of time, a luxury many of you don’t have. Instead, you have to hire and train associates, investing a significant amount of your time and money, or risk simply get-ting burned-out. And many solo and small-firm practitioners lack the depth and breadth of BigLaw’s subject matter expertise and technology.

In-house lawyers face different challenges. You hire counsel to do the work but don’t know how much it will cost. And legal research projects can get expensive, quickly. CLOs are increasingly outsourcing this work to control costs and improve efficiency. Then there is the question of quality—are you getting the best motions and briefs, drafted by partners, or are you paying a firm to train its associates?

LAWS helps private practitioners to:

  • Avoid time pressures and take control of your schedules
  • Avoid the need to hire associates
  • Save your clients’ money by doing the work more efficiently
  • Make money by adding a reasonable premium to our charge
  • Take advantage of our technology resources
  • Focus on being trial lawyers while we do the writing
  • Maintain your client relationships

    For corporate counsel, we help you: 
  • Bring predictability to pricing with flat fees
  • Scale your project to fit your legal and business needs
  • Obtain a better product, drafted by experienced litigators who work quickly, expertly, and cost-effectively
  • Access our services anywhere and in jurisdictions nationwide


LeClairRyan is a national, full-service law firm, with practices in diverse areas of the law. With litigators across the country, we handle nearly every type of civil case there is. We know how the court system works, how cases are decided, and how to create winning and cost-effective strategies.

We’re seasoned commercial litigators who know you have to achieve the best possible result for your client at a reasonable cost. LAWS services are tailored to your needs and resources and provided under a fixed-price contract.


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