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National, Regional and Product Line Counsel

When a business is faced with an entire portfolio of litigation regarding its products, services or processes, protecting the enterprise's best interests while managing and minimizing costs and exposure is of paramount importance. The cost of managing such a portfolio can quickly escalate to the point that it exerts real pressure on the company’s bottom line.

Our attorneys have years of experience managing mass litigation through our role as national or regional coordinating counsel for a wide range of clients. We understand the business, legal and economic factors that arise as a result of mass or serial litigation and work closely with our clients to ensure that the overall portfolio of cases is resolved in a manner that is consistent with our clients’ business objectives.

By partnering with our clients in this capacity, we are able to leverage our knowledge and experience across our national platform, providing consistency and stability to our clients’ litigation dockets and maximizing cost-efficiencies. While we recognize the value of preparing every case as if it is going to trial, we look for opportunities to minimize risk and resolve each case as early as possible. Some cases require more discovery or leverage, either in the form of a pending summary judgment motion or helpful deposition testimony to facilitate a beneficial resolution. Other cases, where the issues really are not in dispute, can be fast tracked for early settlement or mediation. In our role as national or regional coordinating counsel, we work with clients to identify trends and gaps at the macro level and provide solutions that will increase efficiency across the entire portfolio of litigation matters.

For example, recognizing the strategic necessity of immediate action, we are first-responders for national trucking companies and insurers in several states, including California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Virginia. The moment a client contacts our team about an incident—from a catastrophic commercial motor vehicle accident to a hazardous material spill—we get involved. By successfully coordinating and managing investigations, tracking witnesses and ensuring the prompt and accurate collection of evidence, our attorneys maximize clients' strategic advantages.

LeClairRyan’s geographic footprint, combined with the nearly 30 states in which our attorneys are admitted to practice, provides national coverage for our clients’ litigation matters. In localities where we do not have offices or licensed attorneys, we call upon our affiliation with the USLAW Network, a national network of 47 AV-rated law firms, to provide us with immediate access to local counsel. LeClairRyan draws upon the relationships it has established through this and other referral organizations to provide our clients with the widest possible range of high quality advice, services and “local” contacts, whether it be a litigation matter in a small town in Mississippi or a European capital.

Additionally, LeClairRyan has developed a systematic approach to developing and implementing standardized templates for responding to issues that commonly arise. For example, we developed discovery templates in collaboration with a client for whom we serve as national coordinating counsel. We were able to share their “best practices” responses with all outside counsel through the national coordinating counsel program to ensure consistency in the company’s discovery responses while significantly reducing litigation costs.

We also have extensive knowledge of and experience in large-scale document management and infrastructure. Our attorneys, paralegals and legal assistants provide clients with economic and strategic solutions to their document collection, review and production needs by combining the use of technology with client-driven processes. Through our Legal Solutions Center, we utilize project teams for each client to create custom, efficient solutions for projects of any size.

When all other attempts to resolve matters fail, our highly-skilled, veteran litigators are fully prepared to take matters to trial. And at trial, our track record speaks for itself—we are well respected for our proven ability to handle complex cases with favorable results, regardless of value or venue. We have the depth and talent to try cases in any jurisdiction and our relationships with local counsel allow us to do so. Our team has also developed strong working relationships with local and nationally-renowned experts alike to best position our cases for trial.

Our attorneys have written handbooks on trial practice, served as adjunct faculty teaching trial tactics and given seminars on litigation strategy. A number of our colleagues are graduates of the International Association of Defense Counsel (IADC) Trial Academy at Stanford Law School and the American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA) Trial College at Princeton University and have been recognized by both Chambers USA and Benchmark Litigation for their trial practices.

We place the highest value on our relationships and want to be our clients’ partner and trusted advisor. We work hard to ensure we are providing what is needed, when it is needed, and in a manner that is consistent with each client’s litigation goals and business objectives.


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