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First VBA President's Award Honors Gary LeClair


The inaugural recipient of The Virginia Bar Association President's Award is attorney Gary D. LeClair of Richmond, former chairman and chief executive officer of LeClairRyan, having served in those roles for more than 25 years. LeClair has been a member of the VBA since 1982.

Gary LeClair [accepted the] VBA President's Award from Jim Guy at the award presentation. James Patrick Guy II, 2016 VBA president, said, "One of the privileges of a role like this is acknowledging your heroes. And it's my privilege tonight to acknowledge one of my heroes.

"Gary LeClair, in 1988, with his good friend and soon-to-be partner Dennis Ryan, founded the firm that has come to be known as LeClairRyan," Guy told an audience of nearly 400 at the VBA 127th Annual Meeting banquet. "There are lots of great firms based or founded in Virginia that are spread across the country. There are not many people still practicing in those firms whose names are in the titles of those firms unless they're the children or grandchildren of the people who founded those firms. And a notable exception is LeClairRyan.

"Now, in full disclosure, I have worked at LeClairRyan since 1994, so I'm not the least bit objective," Guy said. "But I don't have to be, because this is the very first Virginia Bar Association President’s Award, and it is presented to someone who the president thinks is distinguished in our community and our profession and our bar. I can't think of anyone who meets those criteria any better than Gary LeClair."

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Source: Virginia Bar Association