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LeClairRyan Waives $199 Fee for First 100 Richmond acceLR Formations


To celebrate LeClairRyan’s 30th anniversary, the national law firm will waive its typical $199 fee for the first 100 entity formations by new Richmond-area clients using acceLRSM.

LeClairRyan’s acceLRSM (әk’ sel•LR) program provides a low-cost, high value way for Richmond-area entrepreneurs to quickly form new single-owner corporations and LLCs in Virginia and Delaware. “Much like accelerators in the venture capital space, acceLRSM aims to empower startups by giving them a solid foundation for growth,” said David M. Lay, a shareholder in the firm’s Richmond office.

The fee for acceLRSM normally is $199 (plus state filing costs), which is comparable to that of DIY legal services found online. LeClairRyan will waive that fee for the first 100 entity formations by new Richmond-area clients; state filing costs still apply.

“The differentiator is the high level of service we’re offering through acceLRSM,” Lay said. “We’re giving entrepreneurs in Richmond ready access to a team of LeClairRyan attorneys–professionals who know how to create suites of properly aligned legal documents with market-standard terms.”

LeClairRyan made significant investments in process-improvements and systemization to make acceLRSM possible. In addition to the basic offering–standard single-owner Delaware and Virginia corporation/LLC formation documents–the firm also offers its acceLRSM Premium service, which provides additional aligned, market-standard documents.

By offering the basic service for no fee to 100 emerging Richmond entrepreneurs, LeClairRyan hopes to “pay it forward” for a community that the firm has called home for three decades.

“Richmond is a thriving entrepreneurial space,” Richmond associate Cathy Zhang said. “That entrepreneurial spirit is what differentiated our firm 30 years ago and continues to drive our work today. We’re excited to celebrate our anniversary in a way that makes great ideas easier to turn into great businesses.”

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