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More Needed to Legally Prepare for Accident Investigations


LeClairRyan attorneys highlight that the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), well known for investigating plane crashes, should get more attention from oil and gas executives, and offers salutary advice for general counsel.

Investigation process

The catastrophic gas explosions that destroyed dozens of homes in Massachusetts recently have called attention to the NTSB’s role in investigating such incidents, noted Mark A Dombroff, an Alexandria-based member of LeClairRyan and co-leader of its transportation industry practice. Mr Dombroff explains, ‘most, but not all, in the pipeline business are aware that something like this will immediately trigger a federally mandated and led investigation’ but ‘their counterparts in aviation tend to be far better prepared to contend with the highly specific, and high-stakes, investigative process relied upon by NTSB.’ In a given year, the agency typically investigates about 2,000 aviation accidents as opposed to just a few pipeline cases, noted David K Tochen, a transportation attorney in LeClairRyan’s Washington DC office.

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