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Our Labor and Employment team includes attorneys with years of experience in negotiating the complex and ever changing standards and regulations promulgated by the U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). We understand the critical role of health and safety in any workplace, from the kitchen of a roadside diner to the loading dock of a grocery store. Indeed, health and safety issues are highly industry specific. That is why our multidisciplined Labor and Employment team includes veteran lawyers who focus on particular economic sectors, such as residential construction or chemical manufacturing. Because these lawyers already understand their clients’ specific regulatory and operational challenges, they can hit the ground running.

We work closely with clients to create safer and healthier workplaces that comply with all applicable OSHA standards and regulations. When conducting workplace health and safety audits, we pay particular attention to the most heavily scrutinized standards, such as those that govern fall protection, scaffolds, concrete and masonry construction, demolition, excavation, machine guarding and respiratory protection. The goal of these audits is to identify and eliminate problems that might otherwise have led to citations. And when fatalities, catastrophic accidents and other tragedies do occur in the workplace, we manage OSHA inspections with a view toward protecting our clients’ interests.

Our attorneys strive to persuade OSHA to withdraw citations without costly litigation, and they regularly secure drastic reductions of monetary penalties by winning dismissals of serious and willful citations by OSHA. We place a high priority on finding practical and cost-effective solutions that help employers avoid litigation whenever possible, but we also have years of experience in tackling OSHA-related trial and appellate litigation before both federal and state agencies and courts. When litigation does prove unavoidable—whether the task at hand is contesting citations or defending against warrants and injunctions—we represent our clients with tenacity and skill.