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LeClairRyan's Accountant and Attorney Liability NewsBrief


Our attorneys have published the Summer 2017 edition of LeClairRyan's Accountant and Attorney Liability NewsBrief, available at the link below.

In this issue:

  • Is Your Compliance Program Really Compliant?: Ten Steps Towards Effective Compliance 
  • Suffolk Superior Court Tackles Issue of Enforcing a Non-Compete Agreement Following Merger Versus Acquisition
  • Testing a New Franchise Concept
  • Massachusetts Appeals Court Holds Client Waives Attorney-Client Privilege by Bringing Malpractice Suit
  • SDNY District Court Upholds Rejection of Mineral Gathering Agreements
  • The War on Employee Misclassification: Will Trump Call a Cease Fire?
  • Once Offered, Fee Write Offs Are Binding on Attorneys
  • Massachusetts SJC Upholds Dismissal of Individual Shareholder Claims Against the Board of Directors of a Publically Traded Corporation
  • Supreme Judicial Court Clarifies One of the Outer Limits of Punitive Damages Awards for an Insurers’ Bad Faith Settlement Practices
  • Like Shooting “Phish” in a Barrel: Familiar Names and Programs Seek to Target Your Email Inbox

If you wish to subscribe to the NewsBrief, please send an email to:  with SUBSCRIBE ACCT ATTY in the Subject line, along with your contact information. 

Download the Summer 2017 Issue (PDF)